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Recent Projects
Development Of The Web-Based "Instrument Wizard" For Substance Abuse Prevention Interventions
Under funding from the NIDA, ISA developed the Instrument Wizard (IW), an innovative web-based compendium of instruments measuring substance use and related factors. The IW was developed to provide assistance in identifying screening, diagnostic, and evaluation instruments that can be used in all stages of ATOD research from planning to program evaluation. The system is designed for use by community-based substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, mental and behavioral health care providers, researchers and evaluators, educators, workplace and criminal justice personnel, and others who are interested in obtaining information about instruments that measure substance use and related factors. The IW allows the user to search on a wide array of elements including target audience characteristics, specific substance of abuse, instrument purpose (e.g., screening), and other related topics (e.g., risk factors) through a “Search by Instrument Characteristics” function and by keyword using the “Search by Title/Author” function. “Common Searches” are provided and a complete list of instruments is available in the “Instruments A-Z” function. A “Virtual Tour” helps the user learn to navigate the system and conduct searches, and the “Help” function provides access to a “Glossary,” “FAQs & Tips,” and “Helpful Resources.” In a randomized field test the Instrument Wizard was found superior to existing search mechanisms on several criteria, including being user-friendly, efficient, engaging, and the amount and quality of information provided. A virtual tour of the Instrument Wizard can be found at
Pathways to Health: Three Giant Steps
The program focuses on three aspects of behavioral cancer prevention -- tobacco use, dietary fat intake, and alcohol use. Like most of ISA's programs, the cancer prevention CD-ROM is rooted in social learning theory and incorporates central elements of prominent health behavior theories. Particular emphasis is placed on boosting self-efficacy, social support, and the skills to change behavior. In this project, funded by the National Cancer Institute, ISA worked with Electronic Learning Facilitators on the development and testing of the CD-ROM-based program. Phase I included prototype development and pilot-testing. Phase II included the full development of the interactive CD-ROM program, development of a companion website and field testing in a worksite.
An Evaluation of Innovative Sweat-Based Drug Testing Techniques for use in Criminal Justice Drug testing.
The main purpose of this Office of Law Enforcement Standards, NIST-funded project was to assess the validity and utility of liquid perspiration collection devices as a method of drug testing criminal populations. This three-year project tested an innovative device (currently used with children) for use as a sweat collection device with adults. ISA adapted the STC or RIA test kit for use in testing liquid perspiration, and assessed the validity and utility of the liquid perspiration collection technique as a method of drug testing criminal populations.
Substance Abuse Prevention and Workplace Managed Care.
This project, funded by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention evaluated workplace substance abuse prevention programs within a managed care setting. ISA worked with a property casualty insurance company as the worksite and with its managed care provider.
Power Tools": Drug Abuse Prevention in the Construction Industry.
In this NIDA-supported grant, ISA tested a health promotion and substance abuse prevention program designed specifically for the construction and trades industry. As part of the research, construction industry workers in six sites were assessed on drug and alcohol use by urinalysis, hair analysis and self-report. Participants were then randomly assigned to the substance abuse prevention program or a control condition and follow-up assessments were conducted one year after the implementation of program.
"The Connections Program": Integrating Drug Abuse Prevention into Corporate Health Promotion.
Drug abuse prevention materials based on a social-learning model of worksite drug abuse prevention were developed, integrated into health promotion programs, and tested in a large insurance company. A randomized design assessed the effects of the health promotion programs with and without the substances abuse prevention materials.
Field Test of On-Site Drug Detection Devices for Use in Law Enforcement.
ISA conducted a two-year field test of the use of urine-based on-site drug detection devices in two law enforcement agencies. The purpose of the study, funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, was to assess the validity and reliability of the leading on-site drug testing devices in a "real world" setting. The devices were used to test for the presence of drugs in DUI arrestees. A total of 800 DUI arrests were tested.
"Working People": An Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program for Industry.
Supported by an NIAAA grant, the purpose of this project was to develop and test an alcohol abuse prevention program for male blue collar workers. In its first phase, a prototype program was developed and tested in focus groups. In Phase II, the project developed and field-tested the film-based program entitled, "Working People: Decisions About Drinking." The program is now being marketed throughout the U.S., Canada, and Australia.