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Organizations across America and throughout the world are searching for cost-effective ways of improving the health of employees and their families. The ISA Group can help organizations design and implement a wide range of health promotion services and materials for the workplace.
Through its subsidiary, the Center for Workforce Health, the ISA Group offers web-based, CD-ROM, video, and print materials designed to promote employee health. The Center for Workforce Health is dedicated to bringing the latest advances in workforce health and productivity to organizations - from traditional training sessions to unique video-centered programs and, most recently web-based e-learning programs. Listed below are the programs and products offered by the Center for Workforce Health. Note that ALL of our products and programs have been rigorously tested in NIH-supported trials. For information about these advanced multi-media programs, please visit our website at www.centerforworkforcehealth.com.
  • Health Connection
    A web-based health promotion program focusing on stress management, healthy eating, fitness, and tobacco use cessation
  • Stress and Mood Management
    A web-based stress management program also addressing depression and anxiety
  • Youth Mental Health
    A web-based program for parents addressing youth mental health issues
  • SmartRx: Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse
    A web-based program to prevent the misuse of prescription drugs
  • Parent Power: Raising Safe and Drug-Free Kids
    A web-based parenting and substance abuse prevention program
  • Prevention Connection: Integrating Substance Abuse Prevention and Health Promotion
    A web-based training program for health promotion and wellness professionals
  • Pathways to Health: Three Giant Steps
    A CD-ROM and web-based health promotion program including three modules (also available separately)
    • Fat Smart
    • Alcohol Savvy
    • Tobacco Free
  • The Connections Series
    A video based health promotion and substance abuse prevention program including three modules (also available separately)
  • Say Yes! Healthy Choices for Feeling Good
    A video-based substance abuse prevention program
  • Working People: Decisions About Drinking
    A video-based alcohol abuse prevention program
In Development
  • Turning Point
    A web-based diabetes prevention program
  • FitKids Online: Parents’ Guide to Child Nutrition and Health
    A web-based program for parents addressing healthful diet and exercise practices for children
  • The Touchstone Program: Coping with Stress, Substances, and Sex in the College Years
    A web-based program to prevent college drinking and other high risk behaviors
To learn more about these programs or for ordering information go to www.centerforworkforcehealth.com.

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